Vacation Home Automation – 5 Reasons Why You Have to Have It


Since your vacation home is not your primary residence, it can be difficult to know when your home has been burglarized between occupancy. Home automation can sync your locks and home monitoring system to send you text alerts any time a door or window is opened or unauthorized motion is detected. Also, you can program your home automation to send alerts to police or first responders in the event of an emergency or a break in.

Further, placing lights/lamps on a timer gives the allusion of occupation to unwanted intruders, deterring potential break-ins.

Access Control

A repairman or cleaning lady needs entry? With automated locks, you can set up temporary codes that works for a specific window of time and then expire. Also, you’ll get an alert every time the door is opened and can lock the door remotely if the repairman forgot to do so on his way out.

Is your property a timeshare or a rental through AirBnB? You can have up to 32 programmable codes to give access to multiple users at any time you need, and be informed whenever a code is used through automated text messaging.

Go Green – While Saving Some Green

Home automation helps you to conserve energy use. It can turn off lights, appliances, and adjust the thermostat while you’re away. This is not only great for the planet, but great for your wallet! Save on utility bills by dialing down the thermostat if the air was left running between occupancy or turn off a light that was accidently left on.

Damage Control

Imagine you are away from your vacation property during the off season and a pipe bursts. Not only will you have a hefty water bill, the water damage could cost you thousands in repairs, especially if the property goes unoccupied and the damage unnoticed until days later. Leak detectors can notify you right away, so that you can cut off the water supply and send professionals to your home to do damage control, saving you money, stress and lost rental income.

You never have to worry if a pipe bursts or a sink begins to leak while you’re away from your vacation property. With leak detectors, you can have text alerts sent to your phone or to your property management company in the event of a water leak or flooding. You can also set up text alerts in the event of a fire, carbon monoxide leak, or break-in.

Storage Mode

Home automation allows you to put your property in storage mode during the off season, from anywhere in the world. You can make sure all the appliances and utilities are shut off to conserve energy, adjust the thermostat if the temperatures ever dips below freezing to avoid pipe damage, be notified instantly of damage from natural disasters/appliance malfunctions/burglaries, and have peace of mind knowing that your property is safe, secure, and at the touch of a button through your smartphone.

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