We at NeverAway strive to provide you with the most trustworthy security and automation equipment with the best service possible. Allowing you to manage your short term rental property worry and hassle free.

UL Listed Equipment

Save up to 20% on your home insurance

What does UL Listed mean and why is it important?  UL is a safety organization that sets industry-wide standards on new products. They continually check products to ensure they’re up to standard. Most insurance companies will provide their customers with significant discounts for having UL Listed professionally installed systems, such as NeverAway.

Create A Five Star Experience

When you choose to be a Super Host, you are able to provide your short term rental guests with an unforgettable experience! 

  • Set the perfect temperature for your arriving guests by remotely adjusting the thermostat for the optimum, cozy greeting welcoming your guests upon arrival

  • Receive alerts when your guest arrives and send out a welcome message  

  • Increase safety by confirming the identity of your guest with front door cameras  

would actually pay more for a vacation rental home with a smart home feature.

Incorrectly Installed
Professionally Installed

Professional Installation vs. DIY

Don't realize you installed your equipment incorrectly when it's put to the test

You can purchase "do it yourself" equipment but you miss out on the years of industry knowledge our technicians provide. We guarantee that when our equipment is put to the test it will not fail.

With our Super Host package you can get 24/7 Emergency Dispatch to help combat break-ins and fires.

No Power. No Worries. You Are Still Connected.

NeverAway utilizes cellular signal so when power outages occur our system keeps you connected. Instead of internet, each property receives a cellular communication gateway supporting Verizon, AT&T, & T-Mobile.

What's Important To You?

Equipment Reliability

  • UL listed equipment

  • Wi-Fi connection is not necessary, each property is connected via cellular communication gateways.

Cost Efficiency

  • Save on your power bill with our energy management tools

  • Eligible to save on your home insurance

Quality of Service

  • Five star professional installation and knowledgeable technicians

  • One of the industry's best technical support team

Conducting Your Business

  • Different packages available to best suit your specific needs

  • Equipment installment payment plans

  • Pick your installation date

Serviced By REAL People

From our professional installation to our customer service, you will never be just a number to our team. You will always be answered by real people who care about your needs.

Sustainable Management 

Save energy and lower your power bill

Approximately 15% of the worlds carbon emissions come from heating and cooling buildings. With our system you can set schedules to keep your HVAC system running efficiently.

Save Energy. Save Money. Benefit The Planet!

NeverAway works with your favorite smart home equipment

Give your guests the convenience of a hands-free assistant and add other smart home devices