Our Mission

NeverAway seeks to create a smart automation and security solution platform for short-term rentals to make management easier than ever. Keep your happy place safe while creating a 5-star experience.

Our Origin Story

NeverAway began when a systems integrator expert discovered that the hot water heater at his vacation home had leaked unobserved for several days. That leak flooded most of the ground floor, and while it was expensive, it was also inspirational. He realized the same security and monitoring systems he provided and maintained for major industrial, military, and law enforcement facilities could have saved him the cost of new floors and drywall, plus the downtime on his rental at the peak of the summer season.

Aiming to cater to remote property owners and fill the gaps left by your average security systems, NeverAway was born. We are proud to be built on more than 35 years of related industry experience, and to offer remote property owners everywhere 1st class reliability in an easy-to-use system tailored to their specific management needs.

We Have Over 35 Years Of Industry Experience

The past 35 years we have had different backgrounds across major industrial complexes. Our company has long-term experience in providing site management and security spanning various governmental, military and industrial sectors—as well as police departments, ports and school systems. IET Security & Automation offers scaled to fit, easy to use, real-time control to home and small business owners—with innovative technology and attention to detail. With our history and proven professional experience NeverAway is the expert for you.

You can rely on us to monitor, automate, and protect.

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