Cleaning Tips for Your Vacation Rental

Don’t procrastinate!

In highly sought-after vacation areas, cleaning companies in your area can be booked up fast. If you’re in a bind, you may be left with a less-than-stellar company, or one that you have no familiarity with. Research cleaning services long before the in-demand season hits to get first pick of the best cleaning companies available.  There’s an abundance of review sites, so make sure to read the reviews for each potential company and pick the perfect one for your property.  

Communicate, communicate, communicate.

Your expectations and the cleaning company’s standards may not line up. Do a walk-through with the company to show exactly the items/areas that you would like cleaned between each rental, and create a written checklist to make sure you are on the same page in regards to expectations. Be clear that you want them to clean the outside of the property, wash and fold the bedding, etc. There may be additional charges, so nail down details beforehand.

You Get What You Pay For

While there are hundreds of ways that you can cut costs as a property manager, cleaning services should not be one. Knowing that a company does a thorough job and is reliable, trustworthy, and consistent – can be priceless. If it’s the difference of a few extra dollars between an excellent cleaning service and a mediocre cleaning service, you should look at the extra money spent as an investment in your peace of mind and improved guest experience.

Call for Back Up

When the high season hits, you could have back-to-back reservations, so it is important to have an extra cleaning service on standby just in case there is a problem or time conflict with your primary cleaning company. This will allow you flexibility if your cleaning company is running late or unavailable, or if they are consistently not meeting your cleaning standards. Be prepared, so things run smoothly for both you and your guests.

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