A-ha Moments

An a-ha moment comes from what is also known as the Eureka Effect. The effect refers to the common experience of suddenly understanding a concept or an overwhelming emotion. When is the last time you said, “Oh, I will never forget this as long as I live!”, “Wow, I was not expecting that!”, or “Ah, so that is how this works!”? All three expressions are a-ha moments. A moment that is embedded as a memory. How is that even possible? Well, let me take a quick moment to be just a little scientific. When something gives you an emotional feeling, good or bad, our brains release dopamine, oxytocin, adrenaline, or serotonin. Those chemicals are the core to what makes us feel our different emotions, therefore, drives our decision-making.

           How exactly does an a-ha moment drive our decision-making? That is simpler than you think. Imagine you and your family eating a late-night dinner after an exhausting day. The kids are fussy, and you are just mentally and physically over it. While waiting on your dinner to arrive your waiter is investing extra time to make your children smile. As he walks by our table, he is cracking jokes to make them laugh. You begin to feel relieved from the exhaustion of the day. You can feel yourself smiling and enjoying the giggles from your little ones. As you get your ticket you see a handwritten note that says, “Parenting=Challenging. Hats off to you and this one is on me!” Wait, what, did that just happen? It sure did. That is one of my a-ha moments! I was so taken by the compassion of a perfect stranger that I had to immediately call my other family members and tell them all about our evening and told them they had to go. I gave instant tags and reviews on social media outlets. I even mentioned that they must ask for Zack because he was the apple of the restaurant’s eye! So that a-ha moment that Zack gave my family drove our decision to refer all our family and friends to go enjoy a dinner out one evening with total confidence that they would enjoy every minute of it!

The same standards relating to vacation rentals. All the worries about your property are in the past! Is your guest arriving with a late check-in? No problem. Did your cleaners arrive yet? No worries! Simply check your door entry log on your smartphone. Is the environment comfy and ready to welcome your guest? Stop worrying. My friends over at Never Away, www.NeverAway.com, have you covered! Let me tell you about this one time we took a family vacation. We rented this 15-passenger van so the whole family could be together for the entire vacation. Already sounds like a disaster, right? We had to stop what seemed like every 25 minutes for someone, in the back, to go to the restroom. So, a typical 10-minute pit-stop was at least 30 minutes long. After some time, we realized we were not going to make our check-in time before the office closed and we had not set up for a late check-in. I instantly picked up my phone called our rental property management, she could hear the anxiety in my voice, she said, “Honey, don’t you worry! Your vacation rental is equipped with Never Away smart home automation. Your home is ready when you are. We have set your thermostat, so the home is cool upon arrival. Your door code does not have any time restrictions until your check-out date. You arrive when you can, and your vacation home will be waiting.” I was flabbergasted. I just said, “Great, thanks!” I explain this to all my family and of course, the expectations that we had in mind for this home have been blown away. I felt a little special, so special I decided to rate my host with 5 stars!

           So now I am sure you are wondering, how do you create a-ha moments for your guest? It is the little things that mean the most? A traveler searches for a place they can feel safe and comfortable. So, give them comfort, leave a journal on the table with an “about the owner’s page.” Write a little entry about why you wanted to share your home with other people. Let the journal also be a space for the renter to leave a review about their stay in your home for the next renter to read as well. You could also leave a welcome pack on the counter for your guest to enjoy. Those simple gifts are appreciated, no doubt. One amenity that you can give your guest to create an a-ha moment like no other is to provide comfortability and a sense of safety! Has your guest has found a little nook to snuggle in and watch the sun go down? Give them the ability to change the thermostat or dim the lighting without leaving their newfound snuggle spot. Did your guest get in the bed and forget to lock the door? Not an issue, “Hey Alexa, lock the door.” Do you want to make your guest feel safe? That is not even in question, keyless door locks, window sensors, HVAC sensors, flood sensors, there is not one piece of your vacation home left unprotected. Never Away can give your guest an a-ha moment that will last a lifetime. Your guest’s social media will rave about how amazing their vacation rental home was. In return for giving your guest their a-ha moments, you will be getting your own a-ha when you see your reviews shooting through the roof. Resulting in your schedule booking faster than you have seen before. That’s a little glimpse of just what an a-ha moment is.

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