Lamp Module

Lamp Module

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You only need to plug the module into the wall and plug our device into the outlet on the module. It's a simple toggle operation. The module connects or disconnects the electricity that flows to whatever object you plug into it. For example, you want to connect a lamp. Unplug the lamp from the wall, plug the lamp into the Z-wave controlled side of the module and then plug the module into the wall.

Your lamp or other small appliance will stay "on" and electricity to it is now controlled by the module. Your power to the lamp is now controlled through your system and can be put on a regular schedule be part of automation so it is triggered to toggle on or off by activation of another device or event) or set up as part of a setting. That also means it can be controlled by any mobile device by using the NeverAway App.


  • Outlets on the sides of the module so your entire outlet is not blocked by the module.
  • The module also has a second outlet on the 2nd side so you gain a 3rd outlet on a 2 outlet plate. Only one is controlled by the Z-wave.
  • Modules lay flush with the wall. The outlets are on the sides of the module plugs are not poking directly into the back of the furniture.
  • modules have a manual switch right on them.