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Should you keep your vacation home for pleasure or turn it into a business?

5 Tips When Considering to Rent Your Vacation Home Keep in mind the responsibility attached to renting a property There are several advantages to renting your vacation property, including generating income to cover the property’s expenses, tax break incentives, and even profit from the rentals. However, there are also several stresses to being a property manager for a vacation rental. You will need to arrange for cleaning services prior to check-ins, absorb the cost of maintenance repairs, manage the marketing of your property, and collect payment and fees. Make sure you have the extra time to commit to this. If not, consider hiring a property management company. Call in the Experts There can be a lot of red tape associated...

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How to Be the Best Vacation Rental Host

Great word-of-mouth and raving reviews are always the best marketing a rental owner can have – and the cheapest. Even great digital marketing can’t beat a personal recommendation. How do you get guests to rave about their stay?  By being the perfect host and delivering a 5-star experience to keep them coming back year after year! Here are some tips to do that: Scope out the competition – then be better. Learn from your competitions’ strengths and weaknesses. Research your competitors’ reviews for certain amenities people seem to enjoy and offer it for your rental, when possible. Also, take notice of common complaints, so you can avoid them. Depending on how thoroughly you want to investigate, consider sending a “secret...

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