Leak Detector
$ 69.00

No Additional Monthly Cost

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Catch a problem before it costs you. Monitor for water leaks and extreme temperatures within a selected area of your property with the 2GIG Dual Flood/Temperature Sensor. It can be placed near water-using appliances such as a water heater, sink, or washing machine to detect water leakage as soon as it occurs. To monitor ambient temperature, place the sensor within an area that needs to stay at a certain temperature, such as a server room or computer lab, where a cold temperature is ideal.



  • Monitors wet/dry conditions and ambient temperature
  • Battery-powered, no wiring required
  • Wireless range up to 275 feet
  • Can also detect clean/dirty freshwater, saltwater, or tap water
  • Includes lithium battery (5-year battery life)
  • Works with GC2 and GC3 security panels
  • ETL listed
When the dual flood/temperature sensor detects standing water (for 3 minutes) it will send a wet alarm transmission to the security panel. When it no longer senses liquid (for 3 minutes) it will send a restore (dry) report. It will also send trouble alerts to the panel if the ambient room temperature exceeds 95° F or falls below 42° F.


No Additional Monthly Cost

Purchase an additional device to add to your Super Host Package for no extra monthly cost. You purchase the device and we will installed it for free with your other solutions.